Monday, December 21, 2009

Further notes from a Melbourne immigrant

It should be noted that this blog is a continuation, of sorts, from my old blog, as I have shifted (yes, "they" shift here, where "we" move (sort of))blogs, cities, nations, and continents.

According to The Economist (and I have it on the authority of Brian McLaren that economists are the only people in the world who not only know everything, but also know that they know everything), I have severely limited my options for further upward mobility, in terms of livability of cities, having shifted from city number 50 to city number 3. My further options at this point are Vancouver, Canada and Vienna, Austria.

What would the FSM do?

Melbournites (for my American readers that MEL bih nites, NOT MEL booorrrrrn ites) don't use craigslist, so much--instead they use gumtree, as in Today I made my first ever purchase via gumtree. I can't tell you what it is, because it's a top secret Christmas prezzy.

Which reminds me. here we have prezzies, rather than presents, and cozzy, rather than (swimming) costume, which itself is in place of the American "bathing suit". Mozzies rather than mosquitos. Also brekkie rather than breakfast, and veggie rather than vegetable, and, well, here.

Melbourne, a city of 4 million or so, has lots and lots of libraries, which are split up into lots and lots of library systems. Becoming a member of one system doesn't get you into all of them. I find this appealing--it forces you toward realizing that reality is probably more local than not.

Mo' later =)


  1. well, i did not realize you had moved to australia. forgive me for not noticing. i'm glad you are adjusting. and my earlier comment about seattle being better than logan, well - i'd go out for a beer with you in melbourne. i know that melbourne is better than logan as well. *sigh* :)

  2. I'm glad you found a blog name that works and isn't already taken. It suits your penchant for tangledmashedupintegratedphraseology.

    Good luck with the Aussies. I expect they are actually very decent blokes.

  3. Wow, that was quick! :-)

    It's too bad it takes longer than that to acclimatize to a new country...

  4. Hi Ben,
    In Victoria and South Australia cossies are bathers. Cossies are NSW-speak. In Queensland they are togs!

    While we like to shorten words, we also have a penchant to increase one syllable words to two, so John is Johnno or Johnny, Meg becomes Megsie etc.

    Glad to see you're settling in. I loved living in Melbourne; it's my favourite city in Australia.