Monday, June 7, 2010

Brooke on the The Gaza Flotilla

In this post, Brooke writes so beautifully, perfectly, clearly, passionately, self-awarely. Thank you Brooke! In part, she writes:

how rather than learning how not to oppress, those who have been oppressed learn how to oppress. it’s a powerful comment and drawing from my experience in the LGBTA community i can see it. i can see the oppression in my own behavior and language. when we are powerless, we want power, and we express that power in the ways we learned. thus it makes sense, to me at least, that israel would act the way it does, and for its spin machine to spin as fast as possible so that it can legitimize its actions. the state of israel, and my own state, needs to be right.


  1. :) *humbled* i'm glad you appreciated what i wrote. :)

  2. Eowyn and I were dancing and singing along to Michael Jackson's 'I'm talking to the man in the mirror...' It's almost harder to whittle the big international issues down to our own human hearts, with our love and our hate and our fear and our vulnerability...

    And yet...