Saturday, July 24, 2010

Crown Casino Meblourne--worse blackjack ever?

I poked through Crown Casino Friday evening for a couple hours, and wonders if people in Melbourne are just far less informed than people in ... Vegas, for instance, or even Seattle. I counted 80 people playing blackjack at 6 to 5 tables, H17, dealt from a CSM, double hard 9, 10,11 only, when just downstairs and over that way there were open spots at 3 to 2, H17, double anything, dealt from a shoe with decent pen tables. I would be embarrassed to work as a dealer or floor at the former tables/pits.


  1. you'd think ex-convicts would be a little less trusting...

  2. Megsie,

    heehee. well, the descendants of convicts, anyway =). Of course these are the descendants of convicts, meaning of the people who got *caught*, so ....