Friday, November 11, 2011

Acculturation into glorification of violence--why do we go to war?

In my children's primary school's weekly newsletter today, this:

"This morning our grade 5/6 students visited the Shrine of Remembrance to join thousands of others for the annual Remembrance Day service. As part of the service, B______ and B__________ , laid a special wreath made by the 5/6 students on the steps of the shrine."

Here's a new's article about the service.

I see I shall have to keep my eyes and ears wide open, if I'm to have any chance of my children growing up not believing the myth of redemptive violence. I think I shall have to do some exposure to MLK and Ghandi.

Tonight I shall ask them "Why do people go to war?" then I shall examine, with them, their answers. =)

What do you think--why do people go to war?


  1. Gandhi. My daughter randomly decided to speak out during the planning for her class doing a school assembly against the prevailing Red Poppy - and talk about the White Poppy. The red being a symbol of a veteran's org (closely linked to the military, public support 'for our boys' and all that, the white being a symbol of pacifism.

  2. Coloured poppies ... much potential... a yellow poppy for me, shall think of what it might mean... lily-livered and afraid, perhaps?

  3. (This is Megs, not Bens. Bens my love, what coloured poppy would you like to wear next 11/11?!