Sunday, March 21, 2010


Google's web index seems to be tilted toward Canada over Australia, so that regularly when I'm searching for things in Melbourne, Victoria, I get very high search results located in Victoria, BC, Canada.


  1. Remember our delightful 3rd wedding anniversary weekend in Victoria BC? That was sooooo lovely! Love you! 10th w.a. this year!!! where shalt we goeth my loveth?!!!!! a motorbike adventure, peut-etre?

  2. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I usually find some Australian references when I am Googling for something here in Victoria, Canada.
    And since this is home, I guess it's usually Canadian references I am looking for.
    And, you may have discovered there is a Victoria in Texas, as well.
    I wonder if cities take precedence over states/provinces in a Google search?

    It's cool to hear that you spent an anniversary here in the home of the newly wed and nearly dead!

  3. Al! no way! that's kewl.

    what does the 'nearly dead' reference?

  4. Victoria has the most pleasant climate in Canada, so many people retire here. As well, it's a good place to come for a honeymoon (so I'm told!).