Thursday, September 9, 2010

First they came for the ...

terrorism suspects.

So my guess is something along these lines: In light of developments (or lack thereof) with Guantanamo Bay, and in light of the fact that Obama is pretty much the least bow-to-the-military-establishment guy we are going to see elected president in the next 20 years and he has done pretty much zilch re: Patriot Act, Extraordinary Powers, etc. etc., the ACLU may as well close it's doors, and basically it's sayonara the U.S. ever again being the world's bastion of civil liberties, freedom, etc. etc (if we ever were). Only 39 months until I'm eligible for Aussie citizenship. Wooooot!


  1. Don't get too excited about Australia's own treatment of terrorism suspects, nor of asylum seekers or the mentally ill. And as for our treatment of the planet and its living systems...

    I am (in some ways) glad that I am not an American, but I am often ashamed to be Australian.

  2. Hope, darling, there's always hope. These things take time. And I guess, empires fall. Good thing you'll have Aussie citizenship, too, if the great USofA tumbles soon! ooooh - dr who is beginning! love you!!

  3. Byron,

    it's surely a move in the right direction. Direction, not position, right? =)

  4. Yes, at least on a number of issues. Still, maybe I'll move to Norway one day... :-)

  5. Norway sounds lovely =). I have some really lovely friends there now.