Thursday, September 2, 2010

Benjamin's wants for September

list of wants for september.

1. to find out I'm going with Shelley Hackett to Max Impact in October
2. to walk 50 miles
3. organize a SonRise info night for parents in melbourne
4. to be bigger and more loving than I am now
5. to read "younger next year"
6. to go for a family bicycle ride down the coast
7. to turn toward and fully embrace my fears about money
8. to do at least 4 option process dialogues
9. to write a poem
10. to do 2000 pushups.
11. to go on a yacht ride with my friend John.
12. to find out someone's amazing secret.
13. to compose a new song.

What are your wants for September?


  1. 1. Family bike ride sounds lovely
    2. Figure out how to get the kayak to and from teh beach, so I can paddle it without dreading getting it home again
    3. Those cards you gave me, to really embrace every single one
    4. To find a publisher for my novel
    5. To plan our year long overseas trip as a family\
    6. To ease into a morning routine which is really happy and comfortable
    7. To vacation in Tassie with Bens, Eowyn and Coco, on an olive farm
    8. To find deep peace, not needing as much affirmation from others, close to Jesus, my family, my friends
    9. To progress in the process of grieving Seattle, to be less anxious and depressed, and more hopeful and healed
    10. To have lovely, regular, soul quenching dates with my hubby!

  2. to see eddie and seb happily settl.e into a new school year is the main one