Monday, May 16, 2011

Cleanliness and Depression

This is how it works for me.


  1. so, when you are at your most depressed, the house is clean? and when you are at your least depressed the house is clean, but when you are in the middle, it is not? sorry, just making sure i'm reading right.

    my house is a mess unless i'm not depressed. there is probably a correlation of 1 at p = .01< with how depressed i am correlated to house cleanliness. that would be a diagonal line going up on your graph - the more depressed i am the worse the house gets. ask the cats, they'll tell ya. :)

  2. Brooke--yep. You understood perfectly. I clean the house when I'm feeling really good. And I clean the house obsessively when I'm feeling super super shitty. But if I'm feeling generally crap, the house is a disaster.

    That's a pretty solid correlation for you: 1 at p<.01. Nice =). That being the case, you can use it as a simple measurement of effectiveness for any new treatments/strategies you try for battling depression--if they're working, your house will be cleaner! =)

    Here's hoping your house is really clean these days, or if not will be again in the near future =).

  3. Well, I hope our house gets messy again, and then clean! xo

  4. Ah Megsie--you are such a love =)