Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Full of yes

What would it feel like, I wonder, if I were able to arrange my life, thoughts, and words in such a way that if a person were to follow me around 24/7 and record every time I said "yes" or "no", the ratio of "yes"s to "no"s were 100 to 1? I wonder what my current ratio is? My guess is that it's around 5 to 1. How about you?


  1. i don't talk to people a lot.. i live alone and work at home these days, so the yes or no.. i say no to the cats a lot because i get tired of their need to be on top of me all the time. i say yes to myself though. "would you like to not work and procrastinate?" well, why yes, thank you. "would you like that ice cream over the wonderful carrot?" of course, thank you, you are so generous! and so on.

    but, if i were with others? who knows. i tend to be a "yes, how can i help you" type of person, but i don't know for sure unless i was around actual people all day long.


  2. Brooke,

    You are sounding positively chirpy. Rock on!

    I'm totally going with the ice cream over the carrot as well. Although carrots *are* awfully delicious and crunchy.