Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things I used to believe

A partial list

I am designed by God with a melancholic personality.
Not getting what I wanted makes me unhappy.
I can't get what I want.
It's not okay to be unhappy (Damn these last three are sort of a deadly trifecta).
My misery is both inevitable and my own fault.
Getting angry helps me get what I want.
When people are frightened of or repulsed by me, it's about me.
Masturbating is bad.
There is an objective reality more real than what I believe or don't believe.
I'm not very good at relating to people.
The world is a generally dark place--there is way more bad news than good news.
I should feel guilty if people are starving while I have plenty to eat. etc.
People are inherently bad.
I'm naturally good at spotting the things that are bad in other people and organizations.
If I negatively criticize myself out loud, that will help other people like me.
Other people are disgusted by my body, and that matters.
I can't draw very well.
The best way to not feel a negative emotion is to avoid touching it or looking at it.

Wow. I am so glad I don't believe any of those anymore. Wooohooooot!!!!!

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